Brexit – Driver CPC for bus and coach drivers


Bus and coach drivers need a Driver CPC qualification to drive in the EU and EEA.

Drivers operating on a non-commercial basis or driving vehicles with up to 8 passenger seats do not need a Driver CPC.

From 29 March 2019, in the event that there is no EU Exit deal, EU and EEA countries may not recognise UK-issued Driver CPC.

When the UK joins the Interbus Agreement, UK bus and coach drivers with a UK Driver CPC would be able to drive for work in the EU and EEA.

UK nationals working for EU companies and driving in the EU and EEA will need a Driver CPC issued by an EU or EEA country.

Before 29 March 2019 drivers can exchange their UK Driver CPC for an EU Driver CPC. To do this drivers must apply to the relevant body in an EU or EEA country.


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